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TranslationManager : msgctxt formatting



While i was playing with some po editor, i had the following problems :
  • Double Quote around msgctxt are missing, and cause some po editor not to validate the file because keys are duplicated (no context).
  • POFile Header is also missing from the extract, lot of PO editor need the language to be set and again does not validate the file.
I've corrected and tested the Double Quote stuff at line 301 and 322 in LocalizationManagementService. ( I could also have done it at line 356 of the same file )

About the header, i don't know what to think, no header seems to be added by crowdin, it could be a great thing to add, but i don't know what impact it will have on po file parsing in Orchard, could you give me your opinion ?

(I also got a NRE while sync translation, i'm currently investigating).

Great work so far,